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Tuesday, 24 January 2012
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Doll collecting is no child's play 
by Antonia Chiam, reporters@theborneopost.com . Posted on January 3, 2012, Tuesday

DOLL CRAZE: Two dolls in Lee's collection, a Groove's Byul Hermine doll named Hazeline Rozene (left) and a Jun Planning's Dal Melize doll named Elisa Rozene.

KUCHING: Doll collecting is no child's play and Kuching doll collectors hope to reach out to others with the same interest in the state. Doll collector Syamim Ikmal Kamil, 27, said: "There are many doll collectors in Sarawak but they are either too busy or not in Kuching to get together. I plan to open a booth at anime, comic and games (ACG) events such as the annual Kyanime Convention to give more exposure on doll collecting."

"It would be great to gather with like-minded people to exchange knowledge and tips about dolls such as care, DIY, customising, sales and photography."

She said doll collectors could join online forums such as DollMalaysia to get to know other collectors and get tips.

"Don't be shy to join local gatherings to exchange views and have photography fun."

It is important to ask around before purchasing your first doll in case it is a fake.

"There are many types of dolls including Jun Planning, Ball-Jointed Doll (BJD), Blythe, Bratz and Fashion Royalty to name a few." said the owner of a Jun Planning's Pullip Souseiseki, named Zen Ailea, bought for RM200 from an online forum.

Syamim said her hobby did not affect her lifestyle or role as a housewife. "My husband was shocked at the price of the doll but is fine with the hobby as long as I use my own money. He gets to buy his Play Station 3 games so it's fair I get to buy doll stuff. Since I'm a housewife I restrain myself from buying too many doll things. I'm hand-sewing clothes for my doll as I enjoy dressing her up, and making little clothes for her," she said, adding that she is more into Japanese street fashion styles like Lolita and Japanese punk.

Fellow hobbyist Jessica 'TeddyTales' Lee hoped people would see doll-collecting as a hobby, not child play. "In other parts of the world, it is a hobby and age does not matter. It would be good to see more regular activities to encourage collectors to express their interest openly instead of keeping it to themselves. Encouragement plays an important role in changing people’s mindset about doll-collecting," she said. The mother of one said she brought her dolls out sometimes to show and share her hobby with others, not hide them inside her room.

"Actually, during my childhood I got a Barbie doll as a birthday present and I got interested in making clothes for her. However, all those wonderful memories were ruined by the horror movie 'Child's Play'. I became scared of dolls and had nightmares so I abandoned my interest."

"After a decade-and-a-half, my passion for dolls came back when my friend brought her ball-jointed doll (BJD) to an event. I started with Pullip dolls because they have friendly-looking expressions and look cute."

"Doll collecting is not limited to certain types of dolls. The types vary from company to company, and even designs under the same company have differences."

"My advice is to do enough research in this hobby before collecting so as not to end up selling them or keeping in the storeroom. I did a months research after which asking myself 'Do I really want to start this hobby?' before getting my very first doll in 2010. I still love them," said the avid collector of Pullip, BJD, Mimi and porcelain dolls.

Siti Rusmaliza, the petite owner of a Dream of Doll BJD and a Groove-Innocent World Dal Clair doll, hopes for more doll gatherings to share knowledge on the hobby.

"I believe there are many doll lovers out there even though the hobby is relatively new to the people here."

"I disagree that dolls are for kids as not all dolls are suitable for kids. The kinds we collect have small removable parts which are not safe for young children," she explained.

Taking care of the dolls requires specialised knowledge. "For example, BJD body is made of resin. Owners will tell you they don’t allow exposure to the flash of cameras or overexposure to sunlight as the skin will turn yellowish. The fact that they are expensive dolls will make collectors handle them with care," she said.

Kuching held its first doll gathering in October last year.

Theme Photography : At The Cafe.

At the Cafe theme:

Models: Zen Ailea & Cutey
Location: Secret Recipe, The Spring, Kuching, Sarawak.
Date: 24th October 2011
Taken with HTC Desire HD cam only. ^^;;

Doll Gathering : The first!

We held our own first doll gathering on 24th October 2011 at Secret Recipe, The Spring. ^_^

Lots of pictures ahead!

Yours Truly : TeddyTales

Monday, 23 January 2012

Name : Jessica a.k.a. Teddy Tales / Rozene
Age : 24 years old
Date of Birth : 9th of January 1988
Occupation : Editing photos and kitchen planning
Loves : Anime and manga, Madeleine Wickman (a.k.a. Sophie Kinsella)'s novel, childhood storybooks, dolls, plushies and anything cute
Favourite colour(s) : Pastel colors


Name : Phylis Rozene (Phylis)
Date of Birth : 12th of July 2011
Place of Birth : Seoul, Korea
Gender : Female
Type : Ball Jointed Doll (BJD)
Model : DOC Petsha Fullset
Manufacturer : Dream Of Doll (DOD)
Loves : Cuddling with Raiden, anything cute and adores plushies.

Name : Sileus Rozene (Sileus)
Date of Birth : August 2011
Place of Birth : Seoul, Korea
Gender : Male
Type : Ball Jointed Doll (BJD)
Model : Withdoll 45cm Fenrir-Darkelf
Manufacturer : Withdoll
Loves : Phylis.

Name : 
Sophie Rozene (Sophie)
Date of Birth : 29th of February 2010
Gender : Female
Manufacturer : Jun Planning
Model : Dal Tweety (May, 2008)
Loves : Cosplaying as Tweety, teddy bears and skate boarding.

Name : Candi Rozene (Candi)
Date of Birth : 17th of February 2011
Gender : Female
Manufacturer : Jun Planning
Model : Dal Cinnamoroll (March, 2008)
Loves : Cosplaying as Cinnamoroll, Lolita fashion and hot chocolate.

Yours Truly : Resiove

Name : Resiove Lar
Age : 24 years old
Date of Birth : 16th November 1988
Occupation : MarryBrown
Loves : Collecting more kids, watch anime, drawing, eating and sleeping.
Favourite colour(s) : Green.


Name : Fairyna
Date of Birth : 7th April 2011
Gender : Female
Manufacturer : Groove Inc.
Model : BYUL Pollon (May 2009)
Hobbies : Always running away from Hesse but she likes it when Hesse gave her new plush toys.

Name : Hesse
Date of Birth : 14th April 2011
Gender : Male
Manufacturer : Groove Inc. 
Model : ISUL Hamilton (March 2011)
Hobbies : Loves to give Fairyna plush toys n at the same time, teasing her..

Name : Siry Strawberry
Date of Birth : 7th October 2011
Gender : Female
Manufacturer : Groove Inc. 
Model : BYUL Siry (Apr 2010)
Hobbies : Being a winner!

Name : Kingsley Yucca
Date of Birth : 21st November 2011
Gender : Male
Manufacturer : Groove Inc. 
Model : ISUL Romantic King (Oct 2011)
Hobbies : Loves small animals especially little birds.

Yours Truly: Uepu


Name : Uepu
Age : 29 years old
Date of Birth : 26th December 1982
Occupation : "Myself being exposed directly under sunlight for hours". T^T
Loves : Manga & Anime, Cosplay, Lolita, Dolls, Drawing, Jpop song..
Favourite colour(s) : Pink & purple


Name : Cloverina Adelaine a.k.a. Clover
Age : 2 years old
Date of Birth : 23rd December 2009
Place of Birth : Seoul, Korea
Gender : Female
Type : Ball Jointed Doll (BJD)
Model : DOC Twin-B
Manufacturer : Dream Of Doll (DOD)
Hobbies : Sleeping

Name : Cutey
Age : 1 years old
Date of Birth : 26th August 2010
Gender : Female
Manufacturer : Jun Planning affiliate Innocent World
Model : DAL Clair (July 2010)
Hobbies : Likes fashion, photoshoot.

Yours Truly: Videl

Name : Videl Ichiban
Age : 27 years old
Date of Birth : 15th November 1984
Occupation : Housewife
Loves : Manga & Anime, Cosplay, Gothic & Lolita, Music (JRock, Heavy, R&B and Pop), Arts, Dolls, Fashion Design, Vintage things, Animals, Shopping.
Favourite colour(s) : Black, Pink, Blue - Actually any interesting colours! ;D


Name : Zen Ailea
Date of Birth : 9th July 2011
Gender : Female
Manufacturer : Jun Planning 
Model : PULLIP Rozen Maiden Souseiseki (May 2007)
Hobbies : Wearing pretty clothes, Fashion, Cooking, Giving advice.

Name : Rhea Ysadora
Date of Birth : 14th January 2012
Gender : Female
Manufacturer : Groove Inc. 
Model : BYUL Steampunk Rhiannon (Nov 2010)
Hobbies : Adventure, Treasure hunting, Reading.

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