Kyanime 2012 is coming!

Thursday, 26 April 2012
I am sooooo excited!! Kyanime 2012 is approaching soon on 8th - 10th June!
We at The Dolly Carnet are eager to join this annual event; Yes! We'll be cosplaying! We have been a loyal fan/cosplayers to Kyanime since their first debut in 2010! XD

There's another thing that made us anxious as well. We are hoping that we can have a booth to display our loved Dolls~ I have emailed the organizer on a few fun contest proposals and I hope that we get green light! *doki doki* AND! I hope that eeeeveryone will join the contest! It doesn't matter if you love dolls or not (why wouldn't you love dolls? ;_;), as long as you have passions in creativity! ^_^

Since The Dolly Carnet blog is just starting, and we're only a mere 4 ladies, we really don't have the budget to make things all grande~ but we will try our best in getting the booth and the prizes (we're kinda scared to ask for sponsors ;_;) ! And the most important thing is, to spread the love of Doll collecting to the public~! *prays*

Please give us comments here or in FB page on what do you think about the idea. ^_^
Curse us all the best!!!

p/s: This might be applicable to Malaysian and the event is in Kuching, Sarawak. Let see if we can work things out in the future for internationals. ^^

Yours Truly,

Facebook News!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Greetings fellow Doll lovers!

Ever since from last early February, The Dolly Carnet on Facebook has received over 100 members!
Hooray!!! XD
We admins really didn't expect that our group has gone Internationally with fellow members from various states in Malaysia...then from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Spain, and even France! ^^

We had fun seeing wonderful pictures of the dolls; doesn't matter whether they are Pullips, BJDs, Barbie or any other type of dolls! ^_^ Keep on sharing the magical doll love, darlings!
Thank you so much for joining The Dolly Carnet Facebook Page! ^_^
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