Sarawak Tribune Newspaper Clipping : Kyanime 2012 Press Conference

Tuesday, 29 May 2012
The Dolly Carnet has been invited to join the Kyanime 2012 Press Conference on last Sunday (27th May), together with other hobbyists and Kyanime committees at Fullhouse, The Hills, Kuching. ^^

Here is the newspaper clipping from the Sarawak Tribune.

Clip credits to Kyanime Society.
Please click to maximize the picture.

Yours Truly TeddyTales went there as TDC's representative. Can you spot which one is her? ^^

We have a logo!

Monday, 28 May 2012
Notice the header? XD
We have a logo now! Yay!! It was inspired by the cloud and marshmallows. ^^

I kinda get the idea from Kyanime's Scavenger Hunt : First Set Items Task No. 5: A sculpture of Kyanime mascot, made entirely of marshmallows and glue. XD

This was the old header:

There's some uneven lines, I know, but...I'm so *speechless* x_x

Anyway, Thank you so much to Lauren Thompson (Nymphont/NymFont) for the blog template! ^^
Please drop by to for other cool blog templates! :)

Yours Truly,

Save your date to The Dolly Carnet booth in Kyanime 2012! ^_^

Kyaaaaaa~!!! XD
Roger! Roger!! We are coming to Kyanime 2012~!!!
It's like a dream came true! The Dolly Carnet is going to have a booth at one of the best ACG events in Sarawak!

The details are as in the banner below:

Please save your date, darlings!
8th - 10th June 2012! 

So what are we going to do?
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