A Simple Greeting: Happy Valentine's Day

Monday, 13 February 2012


Valentine's Day can be everyday when there is love from your heart but since 14th of February is declared as a Valentine's Day, let's share our love to the ones that we love and care whether that person is your soul-mate, family or friends~~

The greatest gift are not precious diamonds or luxurious candlelit dinner but the love from your heart

The Dolly Carnet Wish Everyone a Happy Valentine's Day~~

The Dolly Carnet on FB!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012
For everyone on Facebook, we are gladly to introduce our group here:
The Dolly Carnet or just search this name on the search bar. :)

You can share any information about dolls, pictures, or even discuss questions. ^^
Everybody who love dolls are welcome to join!

DIY: Wig Changing (Fitting with Glue)

Friday, 3 February 2012
When I bought Mirabella, I really love almost everything about her except...her wig... Her pink wig is lovely just that I could not blend her overall style together and I decided to change them with the new wig that I have bought for her. I'll start my short "tutorial" for wig changing n_n

Things that you will need:
A Pullip doll (Mirabella) and a wig

DIY : Doll Storage and Carrier.

Hello Parfaits~!

I'd like to share my DIY things. :)
I'm much a budget Doll lover and kinda have a tight pocket. :P
Being a housewife won't let me splurge a lot on doll things.
However, we can turn most of our unused things at home to be our treasured items! ^^

What do you need: 
x. Any containers - I'm using a toolbox.
x. Ribbons, laces, ropes, flowers, etc - mine were all came from from my wedding 'hantaran' decoration leftovers.
x. Super Glue or the Glue gun thing.
x. Scissor.

On to the pictures. Please excuse the messy background.

This is an old toolbox where I always keep my school badges, erasers, school tudung's pins, junks, etc.
Found this 3-storey big guy super dusty in my old desk. So cleaned that up! Hehe~ 

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