The Dolly Carnet Secret Santa : Registration Form

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

  1. Strictly for The Dolly Carnet members only.
    Registration must be made to The Dolly Carnet blog by the 20th of November 2013 (10 p.m. GMT+8) via the form below.
  2. Your Secret Santa will be randomly selected by using
  3. We will send out the receiver's name to you via email, the latest by 25th November 2013. So please be patient! ^^
  4. Gift must be sent out the latest by 5th December 2013 (For Internationally participants) and  16th December 2013 (For Locally participants). You are welcome to send it as early as possible. But if you could not make it by the date stated, please inform The Dolly Carnet admins at dollycarnet[at] The gifts should be arriving right on time before Xmas or not later than New Year. :)
  5. After sending out the gift, please notify and send us (the  admins) the tracking number or the shipping confirmation number along with a picture of the gift that you sent as soon as possible to dollycarnet[at] together with your FB name and your receiver's FB name.
  6. Gift must be doll related only. Check out your receiver’s Likes and Dislikes as guidelines.
  7. The gift can be handmade or bought.
  8. The indicative value of gift is RM30 / US$10 inclusive of shipping. The value can be higher but if possible, not more than RM100 / US$ 30 to prevent any disappointment.
  9. Please DO NOT BACK OUT once you have submitted the registration. Your name will be published in Hall of Shame and will be banned if you failed to keep in the track. Please do inform us if anything goes wrong a.s.a.p. to work things out.
  10. All of your information will not be shared or published through any other third parties.
  11. Once you have submitted the form, you have agreed to follow the rules and regulations of TDC Secret Santa Gift Exchange Event.
  12. The Dolly Carnet will not be responsible of any incidents of lost/damage case to the gift consignments. Please check for Insurance through your local post office if you need one.
  13. Have a Happy Festive Season~

Happy Halloween!

Friday, 1 November 2013
Hope it is not too late! :)
We have changed our FB group picture to this:

Hopefully we can change according to every celebrations (if we have time. :P)!

Now, here are the Halloween submissions by our fellow The Dolly Carnet members:

From Roa and Ryan :
"Treat me, or trick you~"

From Joanne Meadowcroft :
"Trick or treat! :)"

From Khoo Jeremy:
"Happy Halloween!"

From Hairul :
"This is how I'm TREATing my man if they TRICKing on me! - RED DEVILISH RUBY"

From Abdul Rahman Abdul Halim :
"Trick or treat Poppy's style."

From Naj Daniell :
"One of the palace maid spotted the ghost of Mary Antoinette wandering around during the nite of the halloween..."

From Izuan Ismail :
"I love you Mr. Arrogant. ;)"

From TDC admin, TeddyTales:
"Get Ready for My Wolfie Love Bite~"

Thank you for the submission everyone! ^__^
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