Halloween Day with The Dolly Carnet

Thursday, 1 November 2012

This year's Halloween, The Dolly Carnet decides to celebrate it together at the Friendship Park, Kuching. Here are some pictures taken during the mini gathering~

Sileus Rozene

Phylis Rozene

Ruzgar Rozene (Wearing Yan's Wig)

Usagi~chan (Smallest girl of the Rozene Family)

Ruzgar in his own wig

Resiove's Kingsley left alone with Mr Teddy~

Amos' Yan look much manlier in Ruzgar's mohair wig ~

Family photo for everyone~

~Treat or Trick~
~The Dolly Carnet Sincerely wish everyone Happy Halloween 2012~

Yours Truly,

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